Accuracy and assurance

TRAGEM has always been proactive about translation quality. We realise that mistakes can be very costly or even dangerous, so only the highest quality translation is allowed – there is no margin for error.

At TRAGEM we strive for 100% accuracy and we implement translation quality assurance checks alongside stringent client reviews on every project. We also guarantee the accuracy and quality of our translations with full insurance. There has never been a claim to date but we have this policy because quality translation is our business.

Depending on the type of documentation and the underlying subject matter, we will assign linguists with industry expertise who match the needs of your project. This ensures that your final translation will have the correct industry terminology and thus communicate the original content to your target audience more efficiently. Whether your document translation involves legal content or highly technical aerospace engineering terms, we have the depth of experience in translating documents with almost any subject matter and/or areas of expertise.

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