Website Translation & Localisation

Through our expertise in website translation, TRAGEM has empowered many organisations to raise the quality and effectiveness of their multilingual websites.

As some of the world's largest companies have already discovered, you will get total control over your website when you use our ground-breaking website translation services, ranging from free machine translation to complete website localisation.

Website translation is the process of converting text on a web page from one language to another and is most suitable for small, static websites. To truly localise your website, you should remember that there is more involved than just language translation.

We can integrate with your CMS to provide complete website translation services which are fully adapted to the target market. When localised, your website will fit in perfectly with the language, colloquialisms, laws, standards and requirements of the target culture.

If you have a small, static site, it can be handed straight over to our website translation team. We will protect all code including HTML, Flash, XML, ASP and other file formats, before delivering the content to our team of website translators.

For large, content-driven sites or e-commerce sites, we recommend our complete website localisation service instead of simple website translation.

For guidance on website translation and website localisation issues, please use the free telephone callback feature or contact one of our global offices.

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