Software Localisation

TRAGEM experience in professional translation and software localisation provides efficient and thorough project planning and implementation. Your customers will be able to interact with your software seamlessly in their own language. Our professional translation process employs our translation software and four-phase project management methodology with every software localisation project; beginning with requirements analysis, proposing and supervising tools/macro creation and preparing build environments. Then we work with you to extract/re-integrate assets from source software into translatable formats and translate the text for the user interface, display messages, icons, buttons, packaging, documents, license agreements, warranties, help files and all other applicable functions. Our translation software management allows for a single user interface to track and manage your jobs.

By turning to the experts at TRAGEM, you will be assured of top quality professional translation and software localisation which will enable you to enter new markets faster with minimum impact to your development cycle. With our set of experienced translators and translation software, we support over 25 languages and virtually all computer platforms and programming languages. We will deliver your software localisation project on time, within budget and ready to go.

Localisation Services:

• Four-phase localisation methodology and workflow creation

• Cultural personalisation of the user interface

• In-country professional translation

• Application of translation memory tools such as SDLX, Trados, etc.

• Linguistic and functional testing - taking localised screen shots, user interface testing and setting up bug report formats/databases

• Identifying localisation issues in the client's build environment

• Translation software including managed version control

• Supervising regression testing and bug fixing as required

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