Desktop Publishing

As soon as your document is translated, our in-house Desktop Publishing department will be ready to work. The department's ability to arrange text and images to create a clear and attractive page is a fundamental part of our service, meaning we can produce sophisticated typeset documents in any language and any format.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing services are vital to the translation industry because of the way languages change when they are translated. For example, translations out of English often expand in volume by between 10% and 25%, and languages such as Arabic has diverse alphabets requiring completely modified page layouts. Our Desktop Publishing department manages these challenges so effectively by using individuals who are skilled in both Desktop Publishing and languages, to typeset the translated text.

Our teams of experienced graphic designers and skilled typesetters will work together to ensure your finished product is presented accurately and to the highest standards. We will even give you advice about Desktop Publishing issues if you are printing languages for the first time or using unfamiliar languages.

We use the latest versions of all the most common typesetting and graphics packages, such as InDesign, FrameMaker and Illustrator to produce localised origination artwork, PDFs, graphics files and Postscript files ready for print. We can return any file, created on any platform.

TRAGEM provides many other outstanding services alongside Multilingual Desktop Publishing, contact us for more information.

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