At TRAGEM, we employ an experienced document translation team including engineers and Desktop Publishing professionals to create sophisticated documents for you in any language and any format.

Our clients appreciate the efficiency of this document translation process and regularly approach us to translate documents of every kind, from letters and marketing materials, to detailed technical manuals with embedded pictures and text. Our in-house engineers are equipped to extract the text from every file type, handling documents from simple Microsoft Word files, to more complex files including INDD, XML and SGML, ASP, JSP and resource files.

We are always careful to match the subject matter with translators who are familiar with the specific industry. Document translation is usually very industry specific and the translations would be impossible for anyone not fully immersed in the industry.

The experienced typesetters and designers in our document translation team are experts in the latest typesetting and graphics packages, including InDesign, FrameMaker and Illustrator. We will deliver a professional end product ready to print, and in whatever format you require.

For larger document translation projects, translation memory can also be used to save you money. Documents that have only been partially amended or share common text may only require the changes to be translated. This service can be used to help you achieve savings of up to 70%.

Document translation is just one of the many outstanding services provided by TRAGEM contact us for more information or request a free translation quote now.

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