TRAGEM is a language service provider with headquarter in Egypt. We offer a various range of services related to language industry. Our support for languages is not limited to the Middle Eastern languages only; we offer almost any language pair; especially the languages often rejected by other agencies due to the level of difficulty.



Document Translation
Website Translation & Localisation
Software Localisation
Multilingual Desktop Publishing
Voice Over

Team spirit is the core motive of our success. Everyone in the company is deeply committed to his/her role. Every member has been carefully selected to have the proper professionalism, experience, commitment, and trustworthiness suited to take part in our company.

Timely Delivery

Scheduling is usually associated with releasing a product or a service to the market. If time is so essential for your product, you should be 100% sure that on-time delivery is guaranteed.

High Quality

We have gone deep inside every small detail in the localisation field. We have even detailed it more. Localisation is much more like an image; details are the pixels that shape it.

Any Language

We are specialised in the Middle Eastern and African languages, but we offer our services into any language upon your request. If it is spoken on planet earth, we can translate it.




  • Cost
    We are constantly striving to provide you with the highest quality translations at the most competitive rates. We have streamlined our operations to eliminate the…
  • Speed
    Most businesses have been faced with urgent translations - whether it’s an unexpected global announcement or an important client email. In a matter of hours,…
  • Accuracy and assurance
    TRAGEM has always been proactive about translation quality. We realise that mistakes can be very costly or even dangerous, so only the highest quality translation…
  • Technology
    Your communications are too important to leave in the hands of less sophisticated language translation resources. Take a moment to engage with TRAGEM on your next…
  • Partnership approach
    Client relationships are fundamental to the success of your business and they are fundamental to the success of ours. Every assignment – whether a one-off…
  • Trust
      Gaining our client's trust is our most important target and our #1 mission. We are sure that, with long-term cooperation, we will achieve this.
  • Management
    We know all the pros and cons of managing a language-related project. Our project management system is one-of-a-kind. This is one major key for our…
  • Professionalism
    TRAGEM specializes in high-quality language translation that goes beyond just the language translation itself. We not only ensure that the translated work is linguistically correct, but…